Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council is an informal body made up of parents from the different year groups in the school. Members meet termly with the Head teacher and it provides an opportunity for discussion of or feedback on any changes or initiatives.

Due the wonderful response of parents wishing to support the School by joining the Council it has been re-organised into three groups – Year 7, Years 8, 9, 10 and Year 11.  The group members are as follows:

Year 7 Years 8 , 9 & 10 Year 11
Sue MacLeod
Emma Dicken
Donna Fuller
Cathrin Brockhaus-Clark
John De Zilva
Nikki Gilbert
Fiona Goult
Lynn Jackson
Louise Englander
Robin Munday
Nikki Adams Madgwick
Julie Tavener
Judith McLaughlin
Carolyn Rich
Jenny Rogers


Lisa Pryce
Ali Buchanan
Julie Tavener
Paul Hone
Deborah Finch
Alison Nicholson
Teresa Fulham
Julie Haines
Paul Redman
Claire Donnachie
Aly Fitch
Fiona Alden
Dani Cooper
Mary Small
Clare Wickens
Caroline Gregory
Avril Natalie Brohier
Jo Barber
Rene Varma
Rebecca Boyd
Roma Dispirito
Michelle Rose
Aly Drew
Swati Wills
Lisa Price
Linda Ashdown
Liz Lee
Elizabeth Jones
Julie Haines
Belinda Gottlieb
Rachel Sershall
Mark Dodds
Ian Halliwell
Abigail Daykin
Lynne Griffiths
Lorian Mercer

To contact any member of the Parent Advisory Council please email: marking it for the attention of those members you wish to contact.
Copies of the minutes of previous meetings held can be found below.