Weydon School Students Involved in the MOD STEM Disaster Relief Project

Over 45, Year 9 Computer Science students participated in a STEM Disaster Relief Workshop on Thursday 1st November, run by Corporal Tom Power (REME) from the Army STEM Team.  

Students were given the opportunity to discuss what STEM is and think about the variety of sectors STEM careers cover.

Before splitting into groups the students considered the following:

  • What makes a good Leader?
  • Why is Critical Thinking valuable?
  • The importance of Perseverance

With effective Teamwork in mind, the students were tasked with building a Lego Robot, connecting it to a tablet using programming logic to ensure emergency supplies reached their destination.  Students were asked to consider why things fail and look at alternative solutions before evaluating on completion.

Mrs Helen Sanders, Careers Co-ordinator commented; “This was a remarkable day of teamwork and confidence building for these Year 9 students. A great way for them to learn about critical thinking and to put this into practice.”