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Weydon School Overwhelmed By the Kind Generosity of the Local Community


Weydon School’s Principal, Jackie Sharman set up a crowdfunding page after five bikes were stolen from the front of Weydon School recently.

The community rallied and £1045 was raised to replace four bikes and a fifth was donated by one of the parents for Surrey Air Ambulance. The Principal said “I think people’s donations say a lot about the community of Farnham, the students were so upset to have their bikes stolen even though they had chained them to the bike stands at the front of the school. The school has been promoting the use of bikes to reduce the number of car and bus journeys to school and improve health and well-being.

When the mindless thieves decided to attack the school the emotions were high and we were so disappointed for the students. The donation was Farnham community’s way of saying you will not win! The kind donation for Surrey Air Ambulance is wonderful because without this service one of our well-loved students would not be around today. Thank you to each and everyone one that donated.”



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