Weydon School’s First Head Girl Returns to School

Mrs Sharman, Principal of Weydon School recently welcomed back the first ever Head Girl of Weydon. Rosemary Eade joined Weydon School in her last year of secondary education and became the school’s first ever Head Girl in 1958.

Upon receiving the news she was so delighted she couldn’t wait to get home to let her mother know the wonderful news – at the time the school allowed her to go home in the middle of the school day to break the news. 

Rosemary was very sporty and loved all the sporting activities on offer at Weydon and says she particularly liked the long jump and running.  She remembers modelling the new school uniform. During her time at Weydon, Rosemary and a few other students worked with Mr Lilley, Head of Art, to design the Weydon School crest depicting the Castle, the hops and the River Wey. The crest hasn’t changed and is still part of the school uniform today.

Rosemary loved her time at Weydon and noticed many changes from her time spent there, commenting; “I’m so impressed with the facilities and the students I met during my tour. Everything has changed and the current students are so lucky to have these amazing facilities and incredible teachers.”

Mrs Jackie Sharman, Principal of Weydon School commented; “it was so lovely to meet Rosemary and to spend time with her.  I am very proud of our school and it was a pleasure to take Rosemary into our classrooms, meet our staff and students and hear about her experiences of her time here.”

For prospective parents wishing to find out more about the opportunities at Weydon School, come and visit our ‘School In Action’ on Wednesday 25th March. Please visit the website for full details on how to book your place: www.weydonschool.surrey.sch.uk