'Weydon Challenge' Launched

Weydon School have set a challenge for their students’ while they’re studying at home and unable to attend school. To help aid a positive mental attitude, Weydon School has launched the Weydon School Challenge.

The challenge comprises of  physical and mental activities for students to participate in. These include; listening to a podcast, doing press ups, growing plants from seeds, cooking a meal or simply thanking someone.  Parents have recently been sent details about this challenge in the hope that it will help to occupy, stimulate and educate their children.

Weydon School has been fully committed in providing learning tools, online lessons and support for their students during the coronavirus crisis and this is another method of providing some positive aspect to the strange and ever-changing times we are currently living in.

Mrs Jackie Sharman, Principal of Weydon School commented; “I am very excited about the launch of the Weydon Challenge and look forward to hearing from our students and seeing the results. This is a very difficult time for everyone and I hope that this will encourage our students to get active, try something new and provide them with a positive approach to each day.”

To keep up with how staff and students are getting on with the Weydon Challenge, follow us on twitter @schoolweydon.


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