Press Release Y11 Exams 2020

Year 11 GCSE Exam Results -  August  2020

This is another record breaking year for Weydon School; the students of 2020 in line with expectation and centre assessed grades have progressed superbly well. COVID-19 presented this cohort with a challenge but fortunately all the hard work and resilience had already happened before lock down.

90% of the Year 11 cohort achieved a % grade 4 GCSE pass including English and Maths and 78% of the whole cohort achieved a % grade 5 strong pass including English and Maths. These are both an improvement on last year’s outstanding results.

48% of students in this year group achieved grade 7-9 which is equivalent to the old A*-A grade. We are very proud to announce that three students achieved the very prestigious grade 9 in every subject they took, which is a mighty achievement.

The Principal Jackie Sharman is quoted as saying. “This Year 11 cohort have been through a tough few months with the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, but we were confident that they were going to do well because they had already put the hard work in prior to lockdown and had already shone bright with their determination and strong work ethic. We wish them all the best for their next exciting chapter and look back on them fondly”.