Reaccreditation with the British Council for the International School Award

Weydon School Reaccredited with the British Council International School Award

The British Council International Schools Award rewards schools that have shown a commitment to embedding international awareness and understanding within their class or school. It acknowledges international teaching in the curriculum and wider school setting.

Weydon School has been reaccredited with this award. The school applies for this every three years and is based on the work that has been done in that time and the plan moving forward. Over the course of the academic year Weydon has persevered during the lockdowns and continued to embed international content into their curriculums and has continued to develop their relationship with their partner schools in Ghana, Sri Lanka and China.

Weydon’s key moment that led to them receiving the reaccreditation involved the live Chinese art lesson taught by their partner school, Jinniu Middle School in Chengdu. They taught Weydon students how to paint Chinese landscapes using calligraphy brushes and in return Weydon are delivering a British landscape painting live lesson at the end of September for them. Furthermore, Weydon’s work on Chinese New Year through a series of hot topic Geography lessons helped students to learn more about other cultures. Additionally, Weydon School has continued to teach their students about the importance of charity and outreach programmes in Ghana and what the legacy trip has helped to achieve. Several curriculum areas have supported international teaching during the last year including Science and Languages.

It’s important for Weydon to receive the International Schools Award as they have strong relationships with their partner schools in China, Sri Lanka and Ghana and are looking forward to continuing to build on these relationships. Whilst the students have missed out on trips to the schools, Weydon School feels it’s still imperative to bring the international teaching to the classroom to keep this spark alive and inspire the students to travel and learn.

The international teaching programme exposes Weydon students to other cultures, ways of living and values so that they can gain an appreciation for not just the partner schools but also the world in general. Conducting partner school projects such as the pen pal initiative allows students to develop relationships and gain new experiences.

The international team at Weydon comprises; Chloe Meck, Morgane Laurens and Carol Warnock. However, huge thanks must also go to the entire teaching staff body for being so accommodating and open to new ideas of how to incorporate international teaching into lessons.

Chloe Meck, Global Enrichment Facilitator commented; “We are excited for what the future holds with international at Weydon School and receiving the award has inspired us to keep developing new and exciting projects. “


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