Year 11 Final Assembly Speech

Year 11 Final Assembly Speech

By Dori Tobi (11CS)

As I was asked to write a final speech I sat down and started writing my thoughts, trying to come up with a typical speech.  I soon realised that I only wanted to convey one idea.  This idea is mainly a great feeling of gratitude.

In Year 7, when I first arrived at the school. All I could say in English was “hello my name is Dori, my favourite colour is pink, how are you?”  And as the year progressed I struggled believing that I could succeed in this school.  I compared myself to other people in our year thinking I will never reach their abilities and skills.  Today, I cannot separate what the school and students have given me from my own personal achievements.  This is where the profound sense of gratitude falls in.  Today I know  - that our accomplishments could not have succeeded without the uniqueness of this school and its great efforts, both of the teachers and students.  Each one of us has had a different experience of Weydon, but one thing we share in common is that we are all here.  I dare say that the special people in our year group have helped to form who we are today, and who we might become.

Therefore, I am incredibly grateful for everything that the school has given me and my only hope is that I have managed to give back as much as I have received.