Medical Room

Our Medical Room is staffed by the School Matron and is open during school hours, at break and lunch times for non-emergencies such as a headache, stomach ache, toothache and general first aid.
If a student needs to visit the medical room during lesson time a teacher will provide a corridor pass; students are not allowed to leave lessons without the permission of their teacher.
The medical room is not a substitute for a visit to the GP; the school matron is unable to make any diagnosis.


The rules around medicines in schools are very strict. Paracetamol will only be administered from 10.40am – 1.35pm. Should a student require medication during school hours we require a consent form to be completed. This can be obtained from the medical room or in the forms section. All medication must be in the original packaging and state, name, form, dosage, times and date, forms  must be signed by a parent/carer.
The school stock of paracetamol is available for emergencies only; if students require regular paracetamol this must be provided by the parent/carer.
All medication must be handed in to Student Reception before registration. Students are not allowed to carry medication around with them, with the exception of anaphylaxis pens, asthma inhalers and diabetic equipment. Care plan forms are required for these, they can be found in the medical room.

Communication home

The decision as to whether a child should be sent home will be made by the School Matron who will contact the relevant parent/carer to advise them of the situation. No communication should be made between student and parent/carer at any time during the school day. In addition, parents/carers should not collect an unwell student without speaking to the School Matron first.
If an ambulance is required for a child then the parent/carer is contacted. The child will always be accompanied to hospital by a member of staff if the parent/carer cannot get to the school in time.
Any visits to the medical room will be recorded in the student’s planner with a stamp, so please check this daily. Depending on the severity of the injury/illness, you may also receive a telephone call.

Injuries requiring crutches

Any student returning to school on crutches must report immediately to the school matron for risk assessment. Parents/carers must complete and sign a form, please find on the forms page or they are also held in the medical room, giving consent for their child to move around the school. Each student will be required to undergo a risk and safety assessment including use of the stairs for health and safety requirements. Only when all parties are satisfied the student can negotiate the stairs/school safely will they be able to attend their upstairs lessons.