Admissions Year 7 September 2019

Admissions for Year 7 September 2019 -  Waiting List:
If you have been unsuccessful in obtaining a place at Weydon, and have been offered a lower preference school or maybe possibly a school you didn’t name, we will automatically place you on our waiting list.
Should you wish to enquire with regards to your position on this waiting list, please email Mrs Crosby at
The 2019–2020 Admissions Policy applies for admission to Year 7 in September 2019 to Weydon School.
The Admissions Policy for 2019-20 was determined by the Local Governing Body of Weydon School on 6th December 2017.
Please contact Surrey Admissions on 0300 200 1004 should you be looking for a school place for Year 7 starting September 2019,