Counselling Service


‘Young people learn best when they are at ease

with themselves and the world.’

Weydon School offers an established, professional, qualified counselling service for all Weydon students. It is a popular, non-stigmatising and effective service with a high uptake of students who often self-refer. Young people are more likely to access school-based counselling compared with non-school-based counselling. Referrals are made by staff, parents/carers, friends, siblings, GPs and other outside services. 

Counselling can be short or long term, and sessions usually take place once a week or once every two weeks for one period (which is arranged with the student). Although a student may be encouraged to attend counselling, it is always the student’s choice. No problem is seen as too small or too big, and students are welcome to talk informally with a counsellor during break or lunch time if they would like to make an appointment or share an immediate issue. Counselling offers students the opportunity to explore and understand their difficulties within a confidential relationship; confidentiality is only broken if the student, or somebody else, is considered to be at risk of harm. In this case, the counsellors would notify an appropriate professional within the school.

Counselling in schools has been shown to be a highly effective support for young people.