The Café

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Innovate Price List
Innovate Restaurant Menu
Power Bites
All new students to Weydon School will have their Biometric fingerprints taken as our Cafés are all cashless. This will involve a finger / thumb scan being taken. Each student has an electronic account from which they will pay for any food and drink they require and when they choose to purchase items, they will simply use their thumb / finger at the pay point. Student cashless catering accounts can be topped up via Arbor Pay.
Paying for items
Please check the students’ account food balance on a regular basis to ensure there is enough money on the account to make food and drink purchases. If students have any issues with purchasing lunch (technical or otherwise) Student Reception will be able to assist them. If the problem is due to a lack of funds we will contact the parent / carer requesting a top up to the account. Please note, a student will never go without lunch if we are aware of the problem. A meal deal from the Breakpoint Cafe, which includes a main meal and a dessert, would usually cost £2.60 per day. This does not include drink purchases.
Locations to purchase food and drink
Food and drink may be purchased from 3 different locations around the school; The Breakpoint Café, The Pod, and Just Relax by our Sports Fields. At break time all 3 food outlets are open for snacks and/or early lunches. At lunch time a range of hot meals is available from the Breakpoint Cafe alongside Grab and Go items and salads. Just Relax and the Pod have a range of hot and cold food for take away. At the end of the school day there are snacks to buy from the Breakpoint Cafe, particularly for those students who have after school clubs or who are taking part in sporting fixtures. 
Water fountains
Water fountains which can fill water bottles are available around the school and students are encouraged to bring water into the lessons as long as it is in a named plastic bottle with a sports top. Water bottles may be refilled at break or lunchtime, not within lesson times.
Fizzy drinks and energy drinks, including those containing caffeine, are not allowed at Weydon.
Daily Spend Limit
There is a daily spend limit for students using the Breakpoint Café set at £10.00. If you would like to have a different limit then please email with the required limit. 
Should your child have a dietary requirement the Innovate Staff should be able to inform them of the ingredients used.
No refund policy 
Please note that Innovate will not refund any monies from student catering accounts. Please ensure Year 11’s or any leavers ensure that they spend all monies on their account before they leave.
Alternative options
Packed lunches bought in from home may be eaten inside the Breakpoint Café along with students who purchase their food from the Café. Students may also eat packed lunches in designated areas around the school. Food is not permitted to be eaten walking around corridors or in classrooms.