Digital Learning Resources

The Learning Platform and Google Classroom are used by the students to access resources to assist with their learning both at school & at home. The same login and password will be required for each of these.
Google Classroom
This is organised on a class basis so individual teachers can post information that is required just for that class. Each student will have access to different Google Classrooms for each of their subjects and in addition will have a Google Classroom for their tutor group.
Some of the benefits of Google Classroom are that students can receive reminders for tasks to be completed; it is an electronic way of submitting home learning directly to the teacher and also a way of communicating with other class members and their teacher about their work.
Students can also use private comments to contact their teacher. The interactive nature of Google Classroom has made it an invaluable resource during lockdown.
The following document, which is not specific to Weydon, may help you use the facilities within Google Classroom
The Learning Platform
This is accessed via our website under ‘Quick Links’ - Learning Platform and Google Classroom is accessed either through the Google Classroom App on tablets or smartphones or through a web browser by searching ‘google classroom, opening the page and logging in.
The Learning Platform is divided into the different subjects that students’ study and provides access to resources that students may use in lessons and for home learning. Each page is designed as a web page so it is easy to group resources for different topics together. Students are able to access and download resources, follow links and watch video clips however, only teachers can post information through the Learning Platform.