Mission Statement

  • To acquire knowledge that will assist students practically in their lives past secondary school
  • To develop a broad overview of business activity at a mastery level which includes detailed knowledge, application to Business case studies, analysis and evaluation. 
  • To experience running their own business and to do so with confidence and productive collaboration. 
  • To think analytically and practically about business activity in order to logically develop a sequence of consequences. 
  • To successfully work both independently and within a team to further understanding. 


Curriculum Intent

Our intent is for every student to develop an understanding of how businesses operate from sole traders through to multinantional corporations. We believe that this is beneficial to students that both want to start up their own businesses or who want to progress within the extensive range of careers offered to them in the world of business. They develop a broad knowledge of the different functional areas of all businesses and examine how changes in one area can impact on another area. Depth comes from looking at a vast range of case studies and current news stories to enhance the topics being covered. Whilst the study of Business is an academic one, giving students the opportunity to achieve mastery in their evaluative and analytical thinking,  we also take a range of approaches to develop student’s character such as discussions, presentations, interviews and practical tasks which are part of the learning process.
Curriculum - Business  
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