Profile - Bradley Porter


Over the  5 years I spent at Weydon, I felt part of a community, never part of a system. I'd wager it's hard to maintain a sense of individualism in an academic environment but the faculty at Weydon always took the time to show an interest in my passions and my goals, and without that support I'd hedge my bets that I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today. 
After Weydon I went to college and then onto study for an MA in Film & TV Production at Bristol University. Following that, I was fortunate to meet the right people and get a running job on Kevin Macdonald's LIFE IN A DAY which led to work on THE IRON LADY, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and RUSH in the Production Department. More recently I worked as Tracey Seaward & Stephen Frears' assistant on the Academy Award Nominated PHILOMENA (2013), THE PROGRAM (2015) and FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS (2016). I am now a Freelance Writer/Director and am in development with my first feature film: