Weydon student in top 0.004% of young mathematicians

The Junior Maths challenge is a national competition run by UK Maths Trust celebrating the best mathematicians across the country in years 7 & 8. Weydon put forward almost 200 students this year.

There are various levels of success from the bronze, silver and gold awards for participants which applies to approximately 50% of entrants to a select number of students (around 4% of entrants) being invited to take part in a follow up Kangaroo competition. This year a phenomenal 14 Weydon students have progressed to this stage.

In addition, the most elite mathematicians (~ top 0.004%) are put through to an Olympiad follow up round, of which Year 8 student, Will Fuller, has been invited. The competition will take place on June 11th. Good luck to Will and all those taking part in the Kangaroo round and congratulations to all students who took part in this challenging competition.

Junior Maths Challenge 24